Some commonly asked questions - answered

Yes, collaboration is part of our DNA, and our projects and programs are build around partnerships. We work with
local installation partners who work with us as sub-contractors to provide specific tasks, assignments and
deliverables. Our partners also generally co-develop projects with us and participate in client/project onboarding.

Our local partners should have credibility and experience to provide the services within their scope. This does not
necessarily mean they need to have prior renewable energy experience. Renewable energy is a combination of
several transversal expertise: mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, etc. We look for coherence between assigned
scope and capacity to deliver same based on experience, track-record and staff capacity. We usually address
partnership requests on a case by case basis; interested partners should not hesitate to contact us.

Growth Energy is currently developing and deploying projects in Africa. We are currently active in five (5) markets
on the continent: Nigeria, Burundi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Ghana. In these countries we work with our local teams
and partners to develop and deploy our projects. We have our Global Engineering and Supply Chain Offices in
France, close to the Port of Marseille FOS

Majority of our clients are private companies who are proactively looking forward to improve energy sustainability
while reducing their overall energy costs and improving energy efficiency. We are working with food and beverage
companies, agroprocessing companies, mining and mineral processing, mixed use developments, telcos,
datacenters, etc.

We provide financing for most of our projects, and clients have no upfront payment to make. Prospective Clients
should not hesitate to visit our programs and submit a project; and we will reply within 48 hours with a feedback
and next steps

One main criteria for us to work on a project is that it MUST offer measurable and considerable savings for our
prospective clients compared to their current energy costs. Our decades of experience in the renewable energy
sector coupled with our global supply chain footprint and networks, allows us to optimize life cycle costs, and
provide clients the most cost-effective solutions to their energy needs. We have clear proof that renewable energy
offers savings in the countries where we operate; and this is why we are active in these markets.

Innovation is key to our mission. We invest heavily in research and development and thought leadership. We
encourage innovative thinking and pragmatic application within our team to continually leverage on latest
technological advancements on our projects. We also collaborate with and support universities and research
institutions as part of our CSR; we have trained and supported a good number of institutions, especially in the
countries where we operate.

We adhere to strict environmental policies and conduct comprehensive impact assessments for all our projects. Our
commitment is to minimize ecological footprints while maximizing energy output, throughout the life cycle of
projects. As a sustainable/renewable energy company, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. This drives
us everyday, and keeps us focused on what is essential: a sustainable future for the World.

Growth Energy is specialized in Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Hybrid Power Generation (a
combination of renewable energy and base load power generation). We harnessing the infinite power of the earth’s
solar irradiation to electrify industries and communities.